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LWW is an eco-conscious business creating natural organic / spray-free high value and quality body products. Showcasing amazing Industrial Hemp Seed Oil married with 100% natural organic herbs, to stimulate, rejuvenate and protect your skin. L.O.V.E Hemp's unique fibers and utilizing its many qualities to create natural clothes for adults and kids.



My Story

​My name is Louise (Lou for short) and I live in Oakura near New Plymouth, New Zealand.


I have always loved nature & natural products, and like everyone, I wanted to know, what I’m applying to my skin & on my hair is made from organic natural ingredients and sympathetic to the environment.

I learnt about Industrial Hemp, received my licences in 2017 and grew my first tiny R&D crop.

After a while I:

  • Decided to make my own range firstly for myself and then for others

  • Found I loved sharing my products with others

  • In-return, inspires me to create more

  • Drives me to reduce waist


  • Your skin is like a sponge, absorbing your body products!



  • I researched Hemp, talked to people who had licences, and ticked off the important questions on my list.


  • ​​ I am passionate about Industrial Hemp due its wonderful and mostly un-celebrated qualities.


  • iHemp is the Cinderella in the herb & fibre community, when it should be a star!


Hemp is a low impact crop on the environment, uses less water than other crops, like Cotton and Linen. It has so many uses and could create a wide sector of jobs for the local community.


In the past Hemp was used everywhere, had a strong presence in many industries; including oil, paper, and medication, so it’s not surprising it was taken down by its competitors.



My Mission

My mission is to show case iHemp in my little corner of the world -Aotearoa! Be involved freeing up Industrial Hemp to help us live cleaner healthier lives by; replacing plastic, replace synthetics, eating the herb and so much more.


 My range includes;

  • Amazing Balms

  • Soft Body and Face Creams

  • Face Wash (coming soon)

  • Sunscreen

  • Cleansing Conditioner

  • Soaps (coming soon)

  • Kid's Clothing

  • Adults Clothing (Coming soon)

  • Bags

  • Art (coming soon)


Our products are;

  • Concentrated - no added water!

  • Sold in returnable, re-usable containers or glass!

  • 100% natural spray free ingredients!

  • Tested on me, whanau and friends!

  • Made & package and posted by me!

  • Packaging is recycled from pre-used items!

  • No animal testing



You will find me;

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