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Louz Wishing Well




My name is Louise (Lou for short) and I live in Oakura near New Plymouth, New Zealand. 


‘Louz Wishing Well’ is my little business, where I create a concentrated, natural organic / spray-free high quality body products. Showcasing amazing Industrial Hemp Seed Oil married with 100% natural organic herbs, to stimulate, rejuvenate and protect your skin. While being environmentally conscious by recycling, sourcing materials locally. I support community fun markets and events.  


I L.O.V.E Hemp's unique fibers and utilizing its many qualities to create natural clothes for adults and kids.



My Story

My business started when I discovered the Industrial Hemp plant is great for the planet, can improve soil conditions, require's less water than Cotton & Linen, including many other uses. ​


I grew a small R&D crop when I had a licences and found it to be a very easy plant to grow. If more farmers grew Industrial Hemp, could create a wide sector of jobs for the local community.

In the past Hemp was used everywhere, had a strong presence in many industries; including oil, paper, and remedies.


I have always loved nature & natural products, and I wanted to know, what I’m applying to my skin & hair is made from organic natural ingredients and sympathetic to the environment.

I was already using Hemp products imported from overseas because of my own sensitivity to most products.


  • Your skin is like a sponge, absorbing your body products!


 I find my skin and hair range, smooth's & softens while locking in moisture, and it also assisted with skin conditions, like aches & pains, relaxation, repels insects, relieves bites & provides protection from environmental elements, to name a few.


 My range includes;

  • Amazing Balms

  • Soft Body and Face Creams

  • Face Wash (coming soon)

  • Sunscreen

  • Cleansing Conditioner

  • Soaps

  • Kid's Clothing

  • Adults Clothing (Coming soon)

  • Bags

  • Art (coming soon)

You can check the out in the links below and above, and send me a message if you have any questions.


Our products are;

  • Concentrated - no added water!

  • Sold in returnable, re-usable containers or glass!

  • 100% natural spray free ingredients!

  • Tested on me, whanau and friends!

  • Made & package and posted by me!

  • Packaging is recycled from pre-used items!

  • No animal testing



You will find me;

Mothersday 22_Jar_sunflower soap_Heather sprig.jpg

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